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I've never been more excited about a 16hour bus ride.
We were heading to Mendoza. The home of Malbec. I like Malbec. I like homes.

We were to spend five days in Mendoza visiting Vineyards and eating steak. This was the final place that we were to visit that I'd already been to previously but as with Buenos Aries and San Antonio, it was just so good to be back.
It's not often we've advised people in this blog or given travel tips, we've been far too ramble for that but we have got to when it comes to Ruca Malen.

If you're in Mendoza, you've got to have lunch at Ruca Malen. It's the law. For that matter, if you aren't in Mendoza, why aren't you. Book the time off now, go on, you're boss is right there. You've got a couple of weeks holiday left, you've got to use them before the end of the year. Do it.
Book a trip to Buenos Aries and Mendoza and you could be a few weeks away from ranting and raving like me about how darn good this place is.

Ruca Malen is a winemaker that hosts people at their vineyard for a tour and then for lunch. I don't think 'lunch' does it justice.

Six courses of incredible food accompanied by six glasses of wine .Or is it six glasses of wine accompanied by six courses I'm not sure. Either way, this was to be the finest meal of the trip so far.

The setting for lunch is the best part yet. On the road to Chile, the vineyard sits beneath the Andes. Lunch is served on a patio overlooking the vineyard. The mountains fight for your attention, you're eyes widening at the delivery of yet another exquisitely presented plate and another glass of wine to taste.
It's all a bit too much to take. This vineyard is like Willy Wonka's for adults.

I told you, Willy Wonka's for adults. I'm so darn excited

 Matt, drunk of the fumes

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