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A birthday in La Paz

This is the bus everyone talks about. The bolivian massage it should be called. A night bus for 10 hours on what's more a 200 mile collection of rocks than a road. We've had our experience of bumpy bus trips but this takes it. Still, this is what it's all about and the fact is that at the end of this, we'll be in the incredible city of La Paz. It's not like we've got work in the morning, sleep or no sleep, bad back or not, I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.

I'm in La Paz for my birthday.

What an amazing city, clutching on to the mountain for dear life, La Paz is breath-taking quite literally. At 4000 meters this is the highest city in the world. And don't we know it. Even when walking up the two flights of stairs to our hostel room you need to stop half way for a breather. We've made our way slowly up to this altitude so the effects aren't as extreme but boy oh boy…sorry, give me a second…


Min tries on after buying me the best birthday present ever. My very own Bolivian hat

What a special birthday. Not many people can say that they spent their birthday in La Paz. Birthday lunch was a real splurge. At £1 our set lunch of delicious potato soup, chicken milanese and would you believe it, jelly for dessert, I genuinely can say is one of the best presents I've ever had.
Present number two, a trip to the amazon booked we headed out for a birthday drink or two.

A very generous barmaid and a lot of Coca licquour later and we were all a little bit happy. A check of Facebook left me speechless at how many people had thought to send me a message. Maybe I should stop slagging it off so much. My 30'th year should be one where I'm less cynical.

What a great birthday. What a great year.

Right formalities over, on to the next day.

It's not even my birthday yet I get to go to the jungle. How good is that.

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