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On route up north lay Cafayate and more wine. Strangely Min and I didn't see this as a problem.

Min beckoning me into a vineyard. Life is good.
Cafayatte was a quiet town. The difference between this wine dominated town and that of Mendoza was that there were vineyards dotted around in the town, here you could walk from your hostel and visit four vineyards within a few blocks. The town's people were so friendly. When an old woman doths her hat to you as you step off the bus for the first time you know it's going to be a nice place.

Wild West scenery up to Cafayete

The wine in truth wasn't anywhere near as great as in Mendoza but they of course have their specialities, Torrontes, a sweet white wine was particularly good.
It was in Cafayate that we were to have a steak to rival that of the posh restaurants in Buenos Aries or Mendoza, yet this was not a sit down flash restaurant but a small open air BBQ with plastic chairs set back from the street. A large-belied, moustached gent manned 'his' BBQ with stern look, huge knife in hand. We were informed that it was to this man we should place our order. This consisted of said man lifting up huge cut of steaks one by one and us nodding or shaking head. It turned out that in fact this man was a very nice man and a smile stretched across his face after we'd made our selection, even if he was still waving that knife a fair amount. This is the way steak should be eaten, on a wooden block, slammed down in front of you. Raahhhhh.

STEAKMy idea of a happy sceneWe hired bikes once more and headed out of town to the visit more vineyards. The wine was good and the sun shining. The highlight of the day surprisingly turned out to be a visit to a goat's cheese farm. A brilliant personal tour around the farm followed by near trampling by a heard of goats being herded in from the field, we got up close an personal with the goats and were offered a tasting. No sooner had the cheese touched our lips we had ordered one of each of the varieties.

The Goat cheese farm

It was here we met Bradyn and Corey. Instantly likeable New Yorkers who were on a trip like ours. In fact very like ours, almost the exact opposite to us, heading to Africa having come from Ecuador and Bolivia. We decided to grab a bottle or two of wine and grab tips from each other.

With sore heads we boarded a bus to Salta the next morning, thoroughly loaded up on what to do and avoid in Bolivia and Ecuador. More nice people. This trip just keeps on giving.

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