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The Canyon

'And now to the canyon' Felchy said.

Now, I must admit, I had expected a huge void with mountains towering above us on either side. I hadn't expected to be squeezing through a gap a meter wide, through spider webs and wading through a river.

We were in an Indiana jones movie. My hat, the birthday present from La Paz was working like a dream. It had actually transformed my into Indiana Jones. I was an excitable small child. It was incredible.

Felchy sees the danger as I do. 'Fear not, I have a hat' I say.
That was of course, until we encountered the tarantula. But more on that embarassment in a minute.

We were still trying to work out whether Felchy's 'beware of scorpions' comment had been a joke or not when we realised he was nowhere to be seen. 'Shoes and socks off' we heard echo around the chasm.

We were to wade through water, shuffling between the stone walls and trying desperately to work out the spanish for 'are there really scorpians?' and 'Are we going to die?'.

This was a proper adventure.

Felchy stopped dead in his tracks and picked up a stone. On launching it up in the air, hundreds of bats appeared. Unreal.
What a sight. My shouts to min of 'don't worry they won't hit you cos of sonar' were drowned out by screams of awe and excitement,

None of us seemed scared. Yet. Which was impressive as the small slit of sky above us had turned black.


Bats fly overhead

Some way through the canyon, Felchy stopped to casually mention the presence of a tarantula, in our path. 'Just step over please' I think would be the English translation.

The path was now a meter wide. There was a tarantula on the path.

I'm not going to pretend like I was a heroic alpha male here. The way I see it, even Indiana jones had his fears of snakes and look how cool he was.

We all made it past/over the tarantula, hugging the canyon wall as we edged our feet through the cold stream. Relived and over the moon the ordeal was over, we took a breather. Thank god, it's over. We're safe.

Wait a minute... Felchy, you said this walk was a dead end..

The b*stard

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Tom, that hat definitely u! Good choice Min!

July 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterrod

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