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Felchy and the Amazonian traps

Our guide Felchy also taught us traditional hunting methods of the village. This was darn interesting, the simplicity but genius of these middle-of-the-jungle contraptions had me wanting to take a tool box to Wandsworth Common and have me some dinner.

Another highlight of a remarkable day with a remarkable man.

The pampas tour had been great and we'd seen a great deal of wildlife but it had felt like a tourist bus through the jungle. Here, of course we were still tourists but we were on our own. It felt personal. We had been invited into the village to share food and were free to guide the tour as we wanted. Felchy had taken his time to answer any questions we'd asked (Most of the time sitting us down on the jungle floor as if it was storytime at the library) I liked this. It's no suprise that being aimed at a traveller with a bigger budget, San Miguel was more professional than that of the pampas tour.

Well worth the money I say. When else do you get to learn how to hunt, pick fruit from the trees, make jungle lemonade and step over a tarantula all in one day.

Bolivia. What a place

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