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Wait a minute is that... my brother?!

What an amazing thing. I always knew my Brother and Marie his wife were holidaying in Argentina some time on our travels but we hadn't anticipated we'd be anywhere near them at the time. It was both exciting and head-scratching to find out that our plans were only a week ahead of theirs in Buenos Aries. After much debate and the discovery of the abundance of nice places we could go whilst waiting to meet them, I was chuffed to bits to be able to arrange to meet Gareth and Marie for dinner at the famous Cabrera Steak restaurant.

Now Cabrera is famous with tourists, and I believe snobbily regarded as a more of a tourist steak Themepark these days than authentic steak parilla but touristy or not, in our opinion you can't argue with the experience. Sure there may be better steak to come in Argentina but this is a fine place to meet up with the family.

Ah family. After so long away from home seeing my bro and Marie was incredible. No matter how much you keep in contact with home, Skype or no Skype , in person is the only way to really catch up. It was great to hear all the things that hadn't made the phonically due to lack of credit or signal. It was refreshingly grounding experience to think about the loveliness of home after so long merely thinking about what bus we had to get on next.

After so many months away, the sight of your big bro sitting on the opposite side of several large cuts of fine steak, glass of Malbec in hand is a special one. Like the excitable kids that we used to be, we overdid it.

A couple of cows, a sizeable amount of wine and in need of rennies and sleep, we parted ways. What a brilliant night. If only Wendover had steak like this.

It was a darn shame we had to start moving on our way up to Bolivia, we could have got used to this...

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