We're going posh

Text from my Indian friend Saif (more on him to come) who surprised us by being in Mumbai on business:

Gm mintom :) pls meet me at CCI, cricket club of India, our version of MCC, (shirt, shoes club rules da) at 9pm sharp tonight. S

Very excited. May have to make a big point of England's ashes win. Bring on July Eng vs Ind test.



I love Shantaram ( Here it is for those who don't know it. Bargain.
It's one of my favourite books of all-time (yep that's right, It knocked The BFG off the top) For those of you who've read it, you'll know Leopolds.
We ventured down there today.

I couldn't believe that we were there 'in Shantaram'. What was more  amazing though, was that after terrorists stormed the place in 2008, things are back as they were. Without ignoring the terrible truth that lots of people died and over-simplifying what it meant, being there made me have a positive chill down my spine, the attacks failed to change this place from being the friendly, down-to earth,  place that it is. A total mix of people have been coming for years and years simply to hangout in one of the world's tolerant cities. They didn't change that.

Ps. Go on, read Shantaram 


Mumbai (6th Jan 2011)

And it's begun. We can't quite believe that for nearly seven months we'll be doing what we've done today. Strolling. Strolling around, seeing stuff. That's it.
'Let's stroll over to see the Taj Mahal hotel,' 'let's stroll to VT station,' 'let's stroll over to the gateway of India.'('Let's get a taxi back as I'm horrendously unfit after christmas and that's enough strolling')


- A ridiculous amount of games of cricket squeezed into Mumbai's slices of green (see photo)
- Mass protest by a political party whose flag has a bicycle on it (someone google that bad boy for me)
- Multiple reminders of why we love India, people, food, everything.
- Multiple reminders of poverty and madness that is india. People lying on the streets (and realising how disturbingly numb we are to it after three trips here) T.I.I.
- Victorian England in India (Purely cosmetic now, Indian through and through)
- A taxi meter saying 41 rupees, a driver saying 100



The Crash (not in a dramatic dangerous way) 

(5th Jan 2011)

I think Christmas, the goodbyes and drinking like a german weightlifter before we left really caught up with me. As we arrived at the hotel on our first night in Mumbai (booked in a panic the night before)  I had the lot headache, sore throat, feeling sorry for myself.

Then I realised we had six months off and much as I wanted to be at home eating chicken soup and watching Back to the future, this wasn't going to beat me.

It kind of beat me.

Still, I'm better now. Min was patient, especially as I'm prone to Man flu of the most severe kind ('The trip's over, it's all ruined' 'I'm actually dying').

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